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Study Abroad

The Office of Study Abroad administers Marymountís London Program and supports and coordinates all University programs taking place outside the United States.

In todayís international world, study abroad presents a meaningful component to liberal education. When combined with practical experience such as an internship, its value is even greater. Students abroad mix with the daily life of the foreign country and its people.

The London Program

Marymount University offers a study abroad experience in England, a country linked to American culture through its history, literature, and traditions. Study and internship experiences in England do not require fluency in a foreign language. The student can benefit fully from the stay abroad.

The London Program is offered in the fall and spring semesters to qualified junior and senior students. It requires full-time enrollment for 12 semester credits. The student enrolls in a London internship and in two courses which meet Liberal Arts Core requirements.

Special opportunities offered by the British setting are internship experiences in the London offices of British and American firms, British department stores, health centers, schools, and television and radio stations.

Courses are structured around current London activities. For example, students in a drama course read and analyze a play in class, enjoy and critique its performance on the London stage, and, once each semester, have the opportunity to discuss the performance with the director or one of the principals.


nThe fall 2001 semester program opens on August 30. Classes begin Monday, September 3, and end on Tuesday, December 6.

nThe spring semester London Program opens on January 9, 2002. Classes begin on Monday, January 14, and end on Tuesday, April 18.

The London Program follows its own calendar of holidays but does observe the scheduled University spring academic recess, which enables students to take optional trips in the United Kingdom and on the continent.


The following courses are offered:

400 Internship (6)

HI 300 Heritage of Great Britain (3)

BUS 385 International Business (3)

EN 321 Modern Drama (3)

POL 350C Britain and the European Community (3)

For descriptions of the courses listed, see the appropriate sections in this catalog. The Internship course number is shown here without a letter prefix but is offered for
each major.


The Marymount London Centre is located in the heart of London, near the University and the British Museum. In addition to housing the program office and classrooms, the Centre provides a library, a computer lab with e-mail access, and a student lounge. Students live in fully-furnished apartments and studios located within walking distance or a short bus ride from the London Centre. A thorough orientation to life in London is provided through a series of meetings that begin before departure from the U.S. and continue during the first week in England.

Admission and Registration

Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 and not be on disciplinary probation. A recommendation from the Vice President for Student Services and the approval of both the Student Accounts Office and the appropriate School dean are required for registration. Applicants should submit

nA completed copy of the London Program application form no later than October 15, 2001, for spring and March 15, 2002, for fall.

nA letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with the studentís work.

nA second letter of recommendation from someone who can describe the studentís readiness to assume the responsibility for residence and study abroad.

nA $25 non-refundable application fee.

Course registration may be made on the admission form. A $250 deposit on tuition is due within two weeks of the date of acceptance into the program, with full tuition payable on or before December 15, 2001, for the spring 2002 semester.


The London Program requires the full-time tuition of $7,425 for the semester. This covers 12-15 semester credits and two overnight trips from London to such sites as Bath, Blenheim Palace, Stratford, Oxford, Stonehenge, and Warwick Castle. Students are limited to 15 credits.


Program fee, including housing
and local transportation in London$3,295

London Technology fee$175


Additional costs for the semester borne by the student are estimated as follows:

Airfare, round trip$700

Other food costs$1,300

Cost estimates are based on current prices and exchange rates and do not include personal expenses. Updates are provided each semester. Participants may make their own travel arrangements or avail themselves of group travel plans recommended by the University. Passports are required and are the studentís responsibility. London Program costs are covered by most financial aid programs.

Transferring Study Abroad Credit

Students wishing to participate in study aboard programs not sponsored by Marymount must receive prior approval from their advisor, the dean of the School offering their major, and the Office of Study Abroad. Course approval forms for study abroad are available in the Office of Study Abroad.

To receive credit for study abroad, students must complete a course approval form before departure. In addition, a student may be asked to validate content knowledge before credit is approved. Credits transferred from study abroad are not included in the Universityís 36-credit minimum requirement. Acceptance of credits earned in a study abroad program is at the discretion of the University and is subject to minimum grade requirements in the affected subject areas.

Students studying abroad must also maintain continuous registration at Marymount University, or they will be considered withdrawn.

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