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What is the Conference Center?
The Conference Center is designed to eliminate any confusion, which may arise from miscommunication between campus departments and provide a centralized office through which the University's resources can be fully utilized.  The Conference Center utilizes the University's facilities and resources to bring in additional revenue for the University as a whole.  We also serve as a liaison to the community; are involved in community service projects; and expose the University to outside groups and organizations.  The Conference Center also coordinates conferences during the summer months when the University is not in the academic calendar.  We are a one-stop-shop!

Where is the Conference Center Office?
The Conference Center's Main Office is located in Rowley Hall on the lobby level adjacent to the Office of the President.  It is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Our Ballston Office is located on the first floor next to the dining facility.  The Main Office phone number is (703) 284-1540; the Ballston phone number is (703) 284-5909.  Liz Onesty's e-mail address is eonesty@marymount.edu.

How do I request the use of a University facility?

Requests must be made through the Main Office.  All requests should be written in the form of a memorandum and dated to assure accuracy.  The Conference Center is responsible for coordinating the use of the following locations:
  • Reinsch Auditorium
  • Lee Reception Room
  • Board Room
  • Truland Auditorium
  • Ballston Conference Center
  • Gerard Phelan Dining Room
  • The Lodge Conference Room
  • Ballston Room 507
Use of these facilities is on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to normal University hours.  Please be sure that you comply with the procedures of your department head when making a reservation and be sure to include their approval in your request.  To assure that your request can be fully expedited, we ask that in your requesting memorandum, you include the following:
  • Date of Event
  • Location of Event
  • Host and/or Billing Department
  • Contact Name
  • Time of Event (Start and End)
  • Number of Expected Attendees
  • Any Special Arrangements
  • Contact Number
How do I make a request for any special arrangements?
The Conference Center is here to assist you with any special needs you may have for your function.  From audio-visual equipment to food service and from physical plant to housekeeping, the Conference Center is here to help you.  Again, all requests must be made through the main office.

If you require the use of audio-visual equipment please refer to the designated section for Instructional Media Center procedures.  If you require food service to be included in your function, please refer to the section designated for Food Service.  Physical Plant and Housekeeping directions for inquiries are also listed below.

How do I request equipment from the Instructional Media Center?

All requests for equipment must be made through the Conference Center unless you are a faculty member using the equipment for classroom purposes.  In your requesting memorandum, please state all equipment you will need and the time of usage.  Please be precise, whenever possible, to ensure that all University offices and departments may fully utilize the IMC's resources.

How do I request Food Service?

All requests for food service - except those for student functions, regardless of office or department, must be made through the Conference Center.  Food Service does not accept any requests unless they have been processed through the Conference Center first.  Sodexho Marriott Food Service caters Marymount University's Dining Services.  Options for meals, breaks, parties, gatherings, luncheons, dinners, etc. are abundant.

When requesting food, please keep in mind your department's budget, as some services are more costly than others.  The Conference Center will be happy to make recommendations for your function.  The following procedure should be followed when equesting food service.  Please be sure that your department head has approved your function before initiating any action.  In your requesting memorandum, please follow aforementioned procedures and include your specific requests for food arrangements.  Please also include the department, which is to billed for the said function.  The Conference Center will coordinate with the Food Service Director your requests.

What if I require the use of Physical Plant? 

The Conference Center works with Physical Plant on a daily basis to be sure that all requests are handled in a timely and efficient manner.  If your function requires the use of the Physical Plant, please be sure to include your requesting memorandum any special arrangements you may need for your event.  These include:  need of additional materials such as tables and chairs, additional waste receptacles, etc.

How does Housekeeping know about my function?

Housekeeping will be kept abreast of your function through the Conference Center's Use of Facility Memorandum.  There is no need for your to contact Housekeeping directly as they will be aware through the Conference Center.  As with all other inquiries, if you have any special needs for housekeeping, please state them in your requesting memorandum.

How can I get my correspondence to the Conference Center?

Feel free to drop by and visit us in Rowley Hall or use campus mail.  Requests that are tentatively made over the telephone or in person must be confirmed through the use of a written memorandum.  Finally, you can contact us through e-mail.  Liz Onesty's e-mail address is eonesty@marymount.edu.  Your event is not confirmed through e-mail until you receive a reply.

What does the Conference Center do with my request after it has been received?
After receiving your request, it is checked to ensure accuracy and that it is not conflicting with another University related function already scheduled.  After initial clearance, it is broken up into individual parts and transferred to a 'Use of Facilities Memorandum.'  This memorandum issued exclusively by the Conference Center informs major departments around campus of upcoming events.  Please refer to the enclosed sample to better acquaint yourself with this article.  The Use of Facilities Memorandum is open to all campus departments to view.  Please see your department head if you would like to be kept abreast of all Conference Center activities.

When does my request have to be in?

Since it is the policy of the Conference Center to operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, the earlier you request something, the better your chances of the facility being free.  We ask that at least two-week notice be given to ensure all the necessary arrangements can be made for your event.  If this is not possible and prior arrangements have already been made, the Conference Center will try to accommodate your time-sensitive needs.  As a general goal, please try and have it to us two weeks in advance.

What happens over the summer when school is not in session?
Please be aware that the Conference Center is extremely busy during the summer months.  As such, the Conference Center requests that all inquiries be made as soon as possible - preferably a three-week advance notice.  The Conference Center understands situations, which arise where this may not be possible and we are willing to work with you in coordinating your function.

Over the summer, the Conference Center rents space to groups to conduct meetings, assemblies, and conferences.  Because of the special nature of this, first priority is given to the renting party.  If it all possible, the Conference Center will provide you with alternative arrangements.

What if I have Questions, Complaints and/or Compliments? 

Any questions and/or inquiries should be made through the Conference Center's main office.  Please direct all correspondence to the Director of the Conference Center through campus mail or call (703) 284-1540.  We will do whatever it takes to make your job easier.  We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures and hope that your event is successful!