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Marymount University
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Marymount University Full-Time Faculty

Marymount University recognizes the value of the Internet as a communication tool and so provides the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to publish on its Web site. Individual faculty members' pages linked here may be "personal publishing" and have not been examined or approved by Marymount University.

Absher, Katherine

Librarian and Assistant Professor; Library and Learning Services

Phone: (703) 284-1644

E-mail: katherine.absher@marymount.edu

Ames, Annette

Associate Professor, Fine and Applied Arts

Phone: (703) 526-6864

E-mail: annette.ames@marymount.edu

Bass, Judy Marsha

Professor, Fine and Applied Arts; Coordinator, Barry Art Gallery

Phone: (703) 284-1561

E-mail: judy.bass@marymount.edu

Bausemer, Dorothy

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Phone: (703) 526-6839

E-mail: dorothy.bausemer@marymount.edu

Berman, Rosemarie

Assistant Professor, Nursing; Chair, BSN Program

Phone: (703) 284-1627

E-mail: rosemarie.berman@marymount.edu

Bernstein, Robert A.

Professor, Psychology

Phone: (703) 284-1663

E-mail: robert.bernstein@marymount.edu

Bianco-Mathis, Virginia E.

Professor, Human Resources; Chair, Human Resources, Legal Administration and Health Care Management

Phone: (703) 284-5957

E-mail: virginia.bianco-mathis@marymount.edu

Bicak, Ali

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Phone: (703) 284-4983

E-mail: ali.bicak@marymount.edu

Bidwell, Susan

Professor and Chair, Graduate Program, Nursing

Phone: (703) 284-1593

E-mail: susan.bidwell@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~sbidwell/

Bisson, Lillian Perrault

Professor of English

Phone: (703) 284-1563

E-mail: lillian.bisson@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~lbisson/

Black, Jacquelyn Furman

Professor, Science

Phone: (703) 284-1557

E-mail: jacquelyn.black@marymount.edu

Web: http://cwx.prenhall.com/black/

Bolton, Michael James

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

Phone: (703) 284-3824

E-mail: michael.bolton@marymount.edu

Boylan, Michael Andrew

Professor of Philosophy

Phone: (703) 284-1558

E-mail: michael.boylan@marymount.edu

Brand, Charles Frederick

Associate Professor, Education

Phone: (703) 284-1625

E-mail: charles.brand@marymount.edu

Buckner, Camille

Associate Professor, Psychology

E-mail: camille.buckner@marymount.edu

Bundschuh, James E.

President; Professor, Biology and Physical Sciences

Phone: (703) 284-1598

E-mail: james.bundschuh@marymount.edu

Byers, Paul Heed

Associate Professor, Communications; Chair, Dept. of Communication; Director, Center for Ethical Concerns

Phone: (703) 284-1688

E-mail: paul.byers@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~pbyers/

Cappello, Theresa R. Perfetta

Professor, Nursing; Dean, School of Health Professions

Phone: (703) 284-1580

E-mail: tess.cappello@marymount.edu

Carney, Nyla Gilkerson

Professor, Literature and Languages; Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Phone: (703) 284-1560

E-mail: nyla.carney@marymount.edu

Cassidy, Michael Francis

Professor, Human Resources

Phone: (703) 284-5919

E-mail: michael.cassidy@marymount.edu

Chae, Myung-Hee (May)

Assistant Professor, Fashion Design

Phone: (703) 284-1678

E-mail: may.chae@marymount.edu

Clear, Judith Miller

Professor, Nursing

Phone: (703) 284-1588

E-mail: judith.clear@marymount.edu

Clump, Michael Aden

Associate Professor, Psychology

Phone: (703) 284-1628

E-mail: michael.clump@marymount.edu

Cooper, Joseph

Assistant Professor, Psychology

E-mail: joseph.cooper@marymount.edu

Cooper, Lorri Elizabeth

Assistant Professor, Human Resources

Phone: (703) 284-5950

E-mail: lorri.cooper@marymount.edu

Cote-Reilly, Linda

Assistant Professor, Psychology

E-mail: linda.cote@marymount.edu

Craig, Jason Alexander

Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Phone: (703) 284-5988

E-mail: jason.craig@marymount.edu

Davis, Tamara Elizabeth

Associate Professor, Psychology; Coordinator, School Counseling program

Phone: (703) 526-6822

E-mail: tamara.davis@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~tdavis/

DeWitt, Janine

Professor, Sociology

Phone: (703) 526-6824

E-mail: janine.dewitt@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~jdewitth/

Diener, Pamela Sue

Professor, Physical Therapy

Phone: (703) 284-5987

E-mail: Pamela.diener@marymount.edu

Dolan, Jef E.

Assistant Professor, Communications

Phone: (703) 284-1578

E-mail: jef.dolan@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~jdolan/

Doll, Jason Fleming

Associate Professor, Psychology; Chair, Dept. of Forensic Psychology

Phone: (703) 526-6821

E-mail: jason.doll@marymount.edu

Donovan, Skye

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Phone: (703) 284-5978

E-mail: skye.donovan@marymount.edu

Doyle, Brian Michael

Associate Professor, Theology; Chair, Dept. of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

Phone: (703) 526-6817

E-mail: brian.doyle@marymount.edu

Dursi, Marcia

Librarian and Assistant Professor, Library and Learning Services

Phone: (703) 284-3839

E-mail: marcia.dursi@marymount.edu

Earl, IHM, Sr. Patricia Helene

Assistant Professor, Education; Coordinator, Catholic School Leadership program

Phone: (703) 284-1517

E-mail: patricia.earl@marymount.edu

Eisenhardt, Alyson

Assistant Professor, Health Care Management

Phone: (703) 284-4984

E-mail: Alyson.eisenhardt@marymount.edu

Ellinwood (formerly McCoart), Janice

Professor and Chair, Fashion Design and Merchandising

Phone: (703) 284-1569

E-mail: janice.ellinwood@marymount.edu

Ellis, Stephanie

Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

E-mail: stephanie.ellis@marymount.edu

Elrod, Catherine Schrader

Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Phone: (703) 284-5984

E-mail: cathy.elrod@marymount.edu

England, Catherine

Associate Professor, Finance; Associate Dean, School of Business Administration

Phone: (703) 284-5976

E-mail: catherine.england@marymount.edu

Erdeljon, Barry Charles

Associate Professor, Fine and Applied Arts

Phone: (703) 284-1652

E-mail: barry.erdeljon@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~berdeljo/

Fallon, Janet L.

Professor, Communications

Phone: (703) 284-1575

E-mail: janet.fallon@marymount.edu

Fawcett, Brenda E.

Associate Professor, Psychology

Phone: (703) 284-1661

E-mail: brenda.fawcett@marymount.edu

Fay, Susan B.

Professor, English

Phone: (703) 284-3858

E-mail: susan.fay@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~sfay/

Flanagan, Brian

Assistant Professor, Christian Theology


E-mail: brian.flanagan@marymount.edu

Flatness, Gail Eileen

Librarian and Associate Professor, Library and Learning Services

Phone: (703) 526-6845

E-mail: gail.flatness@marymount.edu

Fox, Bess

Assistant Professor, Literature and Languages

E-mail: bess.fox@marymount.edu

Freeman, Jean Parker

Professor, Interior Design

Phone: (703) 284-1565

E-mail: jean.freeman@marymount.edu

Furlow, Nancy

Associate Professor, Marketing and Management

Phone: (703) 284-5941

E-mail: nancy.furlow@marymount.edu

Gammack, David

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Phone: (703) 284-1686

E-mail: david.gammack@marymount.edu

Garces-Foley, Kathleen

Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

E-mail: kathleen.garces-foley@marymount.edu

Garofalo, Michele C.

Associate Professor, Psychology; Assistant Chair, Department of Counseling

Phone: (703) 284-3822

E-mail: michele.garofalo@marymount.edu

George, Rajamma V.

Associate Professor

Phone: (703) 526-6881

E-mail: rajamma.george@marymount.edu

Gulyn, Linda Marie

Professor, Psychology; Chair, Undergraduate Psychology Program

Phone: (703) 284-1630

E-mail: linda.gulyn@marymount.edu

Haggerty, Christine Tucker

Professor, Fine and Applied Arts

Phone: (703) 284-1571

E-mail: chris.haggerty@marymount.edu

Halepete, Jaya

Assistant Professor, Fashion Merchandising
Phone: (703) 284-5752

E-mail: jaya.halapete@marymount.edu

Harris, Charles Stanley

Professor, Sociology; Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Phone: (703) 284-1664

E-mail: charles.harris@marymount.edu

Haser, Carla Michele (Shelly)

Professor and Chair, Department of Education

Phone: (703) 526-6855

E-mail: shelly.haser@marymount.edu

Heumann, Susan V.

Associate Professor, Literature and Language; Assistant Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Phone: (703) 284-1679

E-mail: susan.heumann@marymount.edu

Hoare, Sean

Professor, English; Coordinator, Graduate Program in Literature and Language

Phone: (703) 284-3829

E-mail: sean.hoare@marymount.edu

Hodson, William T.

Professor, Information Management

Phone: (703) 284-5927

E-mail: william.hodson@marymount.edu

Howe, Tonya-Marie

Assistant Professor, Literature and Languages
Phone: (703) 284-5762

E-mail: tonya-marie.howe@marymount.edu

Hubbard, Rosemary McCarthy

Professor, Science

Phone: (703) 284-1560

E-mail: rosemary.hubbard@marymount.edu

Hudak, Ronald P.

Professor, Legal Administration and Health Care Management

Phone: (703) 284-5965

E-mail: ronald.hudak@marymount.edu

Hughes, Sherri Lind

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Phone: (703) 284-1550

E-mail: sherri.hughes@marymount.edu

Hurst, Charles G.

Professor, Business

Phone: (703) 284-5925

E-mail: charles.hurst@marymount.edu

Web: http://www.charleshurst.com/

Jackson-Cherry, Lisa

Associate Professor, Psychology; Chair, Dept. of Counseling

Phone: (703) 284-1633

E-mail: lisa.jackson-cherry@marymount.edu

Jarecki, Shirley Ann

Professor, Nursing

Phone: (703) 284-1585

E-mail: shirley.jarecki@marymount.edu

Johnson, Kristi Planck

Associate Professor, Education

Phone: (703) 284-1668

E-mail: kristi.johnson@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~kjohnson/

Karapetkova, Hollynd

Assistant Professor, Literature and Languages

E-mail: hollynd.karapetkova@marymount.edu

Kirsch, Julie

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

E-mail: julie.kirsch@marymount.edu

Knott, Cynthia

Assistant Professor, Management Science

Phone: (703) 284-5727

E-mail: cynthia.knott@marymount.edu

Konkel, Margaret

Assistant Professor, Interior Design

Phone: (703) 284-5764

E-mail: margaret.konkel@marymount.edu

Kovach, Adam

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Phone: (703) 526-6806

E-mail: adam.kovach@marymount.edu

Kreutzer, Barbara

Associate Professor, Biology and Physical Sciences

Phone: (703) 284-1596

E-mail: barbara.kreutzer@marymount.edu

Lado, Ana Luisa

Associate Professor, Education

Phone: (703) 284-1669

E-mail: ana.lado@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~alado/

La Monica, Teresa

Assistant Professor, Nursing

E-mail: teresa.lamonica@marymount.edu

Lavanty, Donald F.

Professor, Business

Phone: (703) 284-5917

E-mail: donald.lavanty@marymount.edu

Lee, Thomas K.

Associate Professor, Finance

Phone: (703) 284-5920

E-mail: thomas.lee@marymount.edu

Lenz, Laurie

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Phone: (703) 284-1567

E-mail: laurie.lenz@marymount.edu

Lesko, Wayne Andrew

Professor, Psychology; Dean, School of Education and Human Services

Phone: (703) 284-1620

E-mail: wayne.lesko@marymount.edu

Lindahl, Mary W.

Professor of Psychology

Phone: (703) 526-6825

E-mail: mary.lindahl@marymount.edu

Liu, Michelle

Assistant Professor, Information Technology

Phone: (703) 284-5937

E-mail: michelle.liu@marymount.edu

Lopresti-Goodman, Stacy

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Phone: (703) 284-1546

E-mail: stacy.lopresti-goodman@marymount.edu

Long, Teresa Marie

Professor, Economics

Phone: (703) 284-5918

E-mail: terri.long@marymount.edu

Mandanis, Alice S.

Professor, English; Chair, Dept. of Liberal Studies

Phone: (703) 284-1640

E-mail: alice.mandanis@marymount.edu

Marshall, Louise

Professor, Economics; Chair, Dept. of Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Marketing

Phone: (703) 284-5932

E-mail: louise.marshall@marymount.edu

May, Bridget Ann

Professor, Interior Design

Phone: (703) 284-1671

E-mail: bridget.may@marymount.edu

McMahon, Linda Ruth

Professor and Chair, History and Politics

Phone: (703) 526-6869

E-mail: linda.mcmahon@marymount.edu

Meden, Robert Paul

Professor and Chair, Interior Design

Phone: (703) 284-1574

E-mail: robert.meden@marymount.edu

Medhurst, Laura Jane

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Phone: (703) 284-1656

E-mail: laura.medhurst@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~lmedhurs/

Meiners, Jr., Arthur C.

Professor, Management and Marketing

Phone: (703) 284-5921

E-mail: art.meiners@marymount.edu

Melideo, Shannon

Assistant Professor, Education

Phone: (703) 526-6823

E-mail: shannon.melideo@marymount.edu

Messman, Elizabeth

Associate Professor of Developmental Studies; Senior Learning Specialist, Library and Learning Services

Phone: (703) 522-5600; x2538

E-mail: elizabeth.messman@marymount.edu

Miller, Charles Walter

Associate Professor, Finance

Phone: (703) 284-5928

E-mail: charles.miller@marymount.edu

Miller, Jr., William Schaffner

Professor, Political Science

Phone: (703) 284-1687

E-mail: william.miller@marymount.edu

Web: http://millerpolitics.info/

Molloy, Suzanne

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Phone: (703) 284-1589

E-mail: suzanne.molloy@marymount.edu

Moreno, Pamela

Assistant Professor, Nursing; Associate Dean, School of Health Professions

Phone: (703) 526-6882

E-mail: pamela.moreno@marymount.edu

Mostashari, Zary

Professor and Dean, Library and Learning Services

Phone: (703) 284-1673

E-mail: zary.mostashari@marymount.edu

Mullins, John Patrick

Assistant Professor, History and Politics

Phone: (703) 284-3805

E-mail: patrick.mullins@marymount.edu

Murphy, Bridget

Associate Professor, Graphic Design

Phone: (703) 526-6928

E-mail: bridget.murphy@marymount.edu

Murphy, Diane R.

Associate Professor, Information Management; Chair, Information Technology

Phone: (703) 284-5958

E-mail: diane.murphy@marymount.edu

Myhill, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor, Science

Phone: (703) 284-1556

E-mail: elizabeth.myhill@marymount.edu

Nasr, Raja T.

Professor, Education

Phone: (703) 284-1666

E-mail: raja.nasr@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~rnasr/

Ninassi, Susanne

Assistant Professor, Legal Administration

Phone: (703) 284-5934

E-mail: susanne.ninassi@marymount.edu

Norden, Margaret Kanof

Librarian and Associate Professor, Library and Learning Services

Phone: (703) 526-6834

E-mail: margaret.norden@marymount.edu

Nordvall, Michael Paul

Associate Professor, Health Sciences; Chair, Health and Human Performance

Phone: (703) 526-6876

E-mail: michael.nordvall@marymount.edu

O'Sullivan, Hanora Marie

Professor, Business Administration

Phone: (703) 284-5936

E-mail: hanora.o'sullivan@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~hosulliv/

Otten, Robert M.

Professor, English; Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Phone: (703) 526-6927

E-mail: robert.otten@marymount.edu

Oxenford, Carolyn Bevill

Professor, Psychology; Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Phone: (703) 284-1634

E-mail: carolyn.oxenford@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~coxenfor/

Parks, Edward B.

Professor, Management and Marketing

Phone: (703) 284-5923

E-mail: edward.parks@marymount.edu

Porter, RSHM, Sr. Jacquelyn

Professor, Religion

Phone: (703) 284-1654

E-mail: jacquelyn.porter@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~jporter/

Quigley, Behnaz Z.

Professor, Accounting

Phone: (703) 526-5939

E-mail: behnaz.quigley@marymount.edu

Rajdev, Usha

Associate Professor, Education

Phone: (703) 284-1665

E-mail: usha.rajdev@marymount.edu

Rao, Pramila

Assistant Professor, Human Resources

Phone: (703) 284-5726

E-mail: pramila.rao@marymount.edu

Reed, Teresa I.

Professor, Philosophy; Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Phone: (703) 284-1560

E-mail: teresa.reed@marymount.edu

Ries, Julie Deanne

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Phone: (703) 284-5983

E-mail: julie.ries@marymount.edu

Rimkus, Todd Alan

Professor, Biology; Chair, Biology and Physical Sciences

Phone: (703) 284-1559

E-mail: todd.rimkus@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~trimkus/

Rippy, Marguerite H.

Associate Professor, English; Coordinator, Writing Program

Phone: (703) 526-6805

E-mail: marguerite.rippy@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~mrippy/

Robbers, Monica L. P.

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

Phone: (703) 284-1623

E-mail: monica.robbers@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~mrobbers/

Roman, Cynthia

Assistant Professor, Human Resource Management

Phone: (703) 284-4980

E-mail: cynthia.roman@marymount.edu

Ryerson, James Francis

Associate Professor, Management and Marketing; Dean, School of Business Administration

Phone: (703) 284-5926

E-mail: james.ryerson@marymount.edu

Schaefer, Elsa Jann Newman

Associate Professor, Mathematics; Chair, Dept. of Mathematics

Phone: (703) 284-1566

E-mail: elsa.schaefer@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~eschaefe/

Schaefer, Kathleen Ann Peck

Assistant Professor, Nursing; Co-Chair, B.S.N. Program

Phone: (703) 526-6923

E-mail: kathleen.schaefer@marymount.edu

Schaeffer, Donna

Associate Professor, Information Management and Management Science

Phone: (703) 284-5718

E-mail: donna.schaeffer@marymount.edu

Scott-Fundling, Susan Dorothea

Associate Professor, Interior Design

Phone: (703) 284-1653

E-mail: susan.scott-fundling@marymount.edu

Sheehan, Kate Ruth

Professor, Mathematics

Phone: (703) 284-1657

E-mail: kate.sheehan@marymount.edu

Seidler, Douglas

Assistant Professor, Interior Design

Phone: (703) 284-6515

E-mail: douglas.seidler@marymount.edu

Siller, Barbara

Librarian and Assistant Professor, Library and Learning Services

Phone: (703) 284-1643

E-mail: barbara.siller@marymount.edu

Sivakumar, Soumya

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Phone: (703) 284-4982

E-mail: soumya.sivakumar@marymount.edu

Smith, Charles Roger

Professor, Politics

Phone: (703) 284-1579

E-mail: charles.smith@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~csmith/

Smith, Ellen I.

Librarian and Assistant Professor, Library and Learning Services

Phone: (703) 284-3804

E-mail: ellen.smith@marymount.edu

Snyder, Christopher Allen

Professor, History; Director, Honors Program

Phone: (703) 284-3857

E-mail: christopher.snyder@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~csnyder/

Sterner, William

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Phone: (703) 284-5713

E-mail: william.sterner@marymount.edu

Steube, Gerard

Assistant Professor, Information Management and Management Science

Phone: (703) 284-5943

E-mail: gerard.steube@marymount.edu

Stoessell, Pamela B.

Professor, Fine and Applied Arts

Phone: (703) 284-1572

E-mail: pam.stoessell@marymount.edu

Summerfield, Liane M.

Professor, Health and Human Performance; Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Phone: (703) 284-6479

E-mail: liane.summerfield@marymount.edu

Trowbridge, Mark

Associate Professor, Art History

Phone: (703) 284-1564

E-mail: mark.trowbridge@marymount.edu

Tseng, Margaret

Assistant Professor, Politics

Phone: (703) 284-1592

E-mail: margaret.tseng@marymount.edu

Uebelhoer, Jane

Associate Professor, Business

Phone: (703) 284-5933

E-mail: jane.uebelhoer@marymount.edu

Valdez-Pagliaro, Laura

Assistant Professor, Literature and Languages

E-mail: laura.valdez-pagliaro@marymount.edu

Venskus, Diana Gilroy

Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Phone: (703) 284-5985

E-mail: diana.venskus@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~dvenskus/

Vorderstrasse, Allison

Assistant Professor, Nursing

E-mail: allison.vorderstrasse@marymount.edu

Vredevoogd, Gwen D.

Librarian and Associate Professor, Library and Learning Services

Phone: (703) 526-6835

E-mail: gwen.vredevoogd@marymount.edu

Wagner, Robin Judy

Assistant Professor, Interior Design

Phone: (703) 526-6819

E-mail: robin.wagner@marymount.edu

Walters-Edwards, Michelle

Assistant Professor, Health Science

Phone: (703) 284-1597

E-mail: michelle.walters-edwards@marymount.edu

Wansi, Theresia

Assistant Professor, Accounting, Economics, and Finance

Phone: (703) 284-5979

E-mail: theresia.wansi@marymount.edu

Waters, Karen Volland

Professor, English

Phone: (703) 284-1576

E-mail: karen.waters@marymount.edu

Wolfe, Michelle R.

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Phone: (703) 526-6886

E-mail: michelle.wolfe@marymount.edu

Wong, Rita Anne

Professor and Chair, Physical Therapy

Phone: (703) 284-5982

E-mail: rita.wong@marymount.edu

Wright, Amanda

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Phone: (703) 284-5733

E-mail: amanda.wright@marymount.edu

Young, Alice Lemira

Associate Professor, Education; Associate Dean, School of Education and Human Services

Phone: (703) 284-1632

E-mail: alice.young@marymount.edu

Web: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~ayoung/

Youssef, Fatma Ahmed

Professor, Nursing

Phone: (703) 284-1590

E-mail: fatma.youssef@marymount.edu

Yusko, Kenneth P.

Associate Professor, Human Resources

Phone: (703) 284-5945

E-mail: kenneth.yusko@marymount.edu