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MU Alerts: Marymount University’s Emergency Notification System

mu alerts

Marymount University’s Emergency Notification System

Marymount University students, faculty, and staff can sign up to receive alerts about emergency situations affecting the campus community, as well as notification of weather-related delays, cancellations, and closings.

MU Alerts is a text-messaging and e-mail system that enables Marymount to notify members of the campus community quickly in the event of an emergency. Messages sent will be brief (stating the nature of the situation and suggested action). More detailed information will be posted on Marymount’s Web site (www.marymount.edu) and Weather and Emergency Information Phone Line (703-526-6888). Other means of emergency communication (such as broadcasting Marymount cancellation and closing notices via the local media) will also continue to be used.

Click Here or choose the "Sign-up for MU Alerts" link on the left to receive alerts. Use your Marymount e-mail username and password to access the secure form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for MU Alerts?
This emergency alert system is for Marymount University students, faculty, and staff.

What kind of messages does the system provide?
This system provides both text messages and e-mails.

What equipment do I need?
MU Alerts can send text messages to any cell phone or other portable device with short message service (SMS) text messaging capability. (Most phones acquired within the past three years have this capability.)

Please note that landlines, most Tracfones, and some pay-as-you-go phones are not compatible with this system.

MU Alerts can send e-mail messages to any Mac or PC that has at least 14.40 Kbps Internet access, uses any operating system from Windows 98 to the present, and uses any Web browser. (Thus, most computers with an Internet connection can receive these alerts.)

How many messages am I likely to receive?
The MU Alerts system will be used only to notify members of the Marymount community of emergency situations and weather-related delays, cancellations, or closings. Therefore, the number of messages should be minimal.

How much will it cost to get the alerts?
Signing up for MU Alerts is free; however, various cell phone plans have different charges for text messages. Check with your provider if you’re unsure of your plan’s details.

What should I do if I change my cell-phone provider?
Whenever any of your contact information changes, log in to your MU Alerts account and update the information on file. This is the only way to ensure that you will continue to receive alerts.

How can I opt-out of MU Alerts?
You can opt out at any time. Just log in to your MU Alerts account and follow the directions.

If I have a problem with the system or my account, what should I do?
For assistance, contact support@e2Campus.com.