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The mission of the Marymount University Student Health Center

is to provide quality health care and health education services which promote an effective learning environment consistent with the Catholic teachings and mission of Marymount University. The Student Health Center supports academic success and education of the individual based on ethical and moral decision making by ensuring a healthy University community.

Marymount University Student Health Center affirms that health education and wellness is a holistic process intergrated with lifelong learning. The Student Health Center fosters students individual responsibility for maintenance and improvement of physical and emotional well being. Support of student learning and student development occurs through individualized interactions and varied programming and educational initiatives during the academic year.


Important information!
Vaccination Recommendations for College Students Regarding Meningitis:
- American College Health Association

- "Let's Talk About Shots"

Other information and links:
CDC Avian Flu website
Department of Health and Human Services pandemic plan


H1N1 Update

Marymount University will participate in the United States' Government H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination program. The Student Health Center has requested vaccine and will begin vaccinations according to specific Centers for Disease Control (CDC) criteria when vaccine supplies are received. Please refer to the CDC for specific high risk criteria.

These vaccinations will be directed to Marymount University students who have submitted completed medical forms to the Student Health Center per the CDC criteria, and to students who receive direct care from the University Student Health Center.

We will continue to work closely with Arlington County and make available the designated locations for Arlington County clinics as that information is available.

Information you should know:
ABOUT THE FLU (Seasonal and H1N1)

The health and safety of all members of our community is one of Marymount’s top priorities. Since April, cases of the new influenza A H1N1 virus (sometimes referred to as “swine flu”) have been occurring in various parts of the country. Health officials expect the frequency of H1N1 to increase this fall, with clusters of illness occurring throughout the general population. Here at Marymount, we have been monitoring this situation and are prepared to respond to cases involving students, faculty, and staff.

You have an important role to play in the University’s response to the flu. Flu viruses spread easily from person to person through coughing or sneezing. You can reduce the spread of both seasonal influenza and the H1N1 flu virus through some simple but effective actions.

Steps to limit exposure and spread of the flu

Information for Marymount Residence and Apartment Students on Weathering the Flu Season

- CDC/Government website

- U.S. State Department-Travel Warnings website

- Info on Handwashing!